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Direct Assignment Facilities Guidelines, Version 1

Effective: 01/01/99

Direct Assignment Facilities (as defined in BPA Transmission Services' Open-Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) are facilities, or portions of facilities that have been or are constructed (or caused to be constructed) by BPA for the sole use and benefit of a particular Customer requesting service under the Tariff, the costs of which may be directly assigned to the Transmission Customer in accordance with applicable Commission policy. Direct Assignment Facilities shall be specified in the Service Agreement that governs service to the Transmission Customer.

ClosedA. General Requirements
ClosedB. Voltages Below 34.5 kV
ClosedC. Equivalent Capacity Replacement of Rolled-in Facilities:
ClosedD. Replacement with Higher Capacity Facility:
ClosedE. Paralleling an Existing Delivery Transformer
ClosedF. Construction Option
ClosedG. Appeal Mechanism
ClosedH. Additional information