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Large Generator Interconnection, Version 9

Effective: 05/19/2014

The Large Generator Interconnection Business Practice describes the process Customers follow to interconnect large generation (more than 20 MW) resources with the Bonneville transmission system. This Business Practice identifies the qualification criteria, forms, submission procedures along with expected steps and timing leading up to interconnection.

Version 9 eliminates the receipt of paper checks in Step A. 1. Step A.2 has been added to allow paper checks in limited circumstances.Receipt of electronic payments instructions and process remain the same.

ClosedA. Deposits
ClosedB. Interconnection Request Criteria
ClosedC. Submission Procedures
ClosedD. Interconnection Queue Time
ClosedE. Queue Process
ClosedF. Technical Studies Criteria
ClosedG. Assignment Prior to LGIA
ClosedH. Environmental Studies
ClosedI. Phased Interconnection and Assignment
ClosedJ. Transmission Credits - Generator Large
ClosedK. Suspension of Linked Transmission and Generation Requests
ClosedL. Additional Information