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Line and Load Interconnection Procedures, Version 3

Effective: 10/01/15

This Business Practice describes the steps and requirements for submitting a Lines and Loads Interconnection Request (LLIR). Entities seeking a transmission system interconnection without associated Point-to-Point (PTP) or Network Transmission (NT) Service must submit a LLIR.

ClosedA. Line & Load Interconnection Request (LLIR)
ClosedB. Advance Payment for Technical Studies
ClosedC. Submission Procedures
ClosedD. Processing the LLIR
ClosedE. Line & Load Interconnection System Impact Study (LLISIS)
ClosedF. NEPA Study
ClosedG. Line & Load Interconnection Facilities Study (LLIFS)
ClosedH. Construction Agreement
ClosedI. Additional Information