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2010 Network Open Season, Version 7

Effective: 11/12/15

This Bulletin describes procedures for participation in the 2010 Network Open Season (NOS). Except as noted, all requirements specified in BPA Transmission Services’ business practices remain in effect and will apply to NOS. Section 2 within Section L, Special Terms, was revised to accurately reflect the processing of Redirect requests for PTSA holders.

ClosedA. TSR Eligibility
ClosedB. Precedent Transmission Service Agreement Offer
ClosedC. BPA Transmission Services Obligations
ClosedD. Customer Obligations
ClosedE. Service Duration
ClosedF. Performance Assurance Requirement
ClosedG. Offer of Service
ClosedH. Cluster Study and Financial Evaluation
ClosedI. National Environmental Policy Act
ClosedJ. Facility Construction
ClosedK. Processing of TSRs and Authorizations for LTF Service
ClosedL. Special Terms
ClosedM. Suspension of Linked Transmission and Generation Requests
ClosedN. Additional Information