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Dynamic Transfer Operating and Scheduling Requirements, Version 3

Effective: 11/13/12

Version 3 of this Business Practice updates the process for submitting Dynamic Transfer Capacity from sending notification by fax to sending the notification by email in step H.1.a and H.1.c.

CollapsedA. Introduction
CollapsedB. Eligibility Criteria
CollapsedC. Telemetering
CollapsedD. E-Tagging Dynamic Transfers
CollapsedE. Transmission Requirements Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
CollapsedF. Transmission Requirements Not Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
CollapsedG. California-Oregon Intertie (COI) Dynamic Transfer Preschedule Methodology
CollapsedH. Scheduling Procedures for Dynamic Transfers using COI
CollapsedI. Limitations on Dynamic Transfer
CollapsedJ. Dynamic Transfer Ramp Rate
CollapsedK. Load & Resource One-Day Forecast Requirements
CollapsedL. Additional Information