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Dynamic Transfer Operating and Scheduling Requirements, Version 4

Effective: 09/30/2014

Version 5 of this Business Practice is out for comment through September 23, 2015 and is located on the Out for Comment website.

Version 4 of this Business Practice updates the process for submitting requests for Dynamic Transfer Capacity on BPA’s network and to the methodology by which California-Oregon Intertie Dynamic Transfer Capability is allocated to requestors based on pro rata facility ownership.

Version 4 includes changes to implement an automated process for requesting and allocating Dynamic Transfer Capability on the California-Oregon Intertie. The automated process will help facilitate requests and allocations for multiple requestors, including customers of California-Oregon Intertie Owners. Version 4 also includes an updated methodology for allocating such Dynamic Transfer Capability to requestors. The new methodology accounts for facility ownership and ownership of Long-Term Firm rights. The new methodology may see further changes based on discussions with Capacity Owners as well.

ClosedA. Introduction
ClosedB. Eligibility Criteria
ClosedC. Telemetering
ClosedD. E-Tagging Dynamic Transfers
ClosedE. Transmission Requirements Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
ClosedF. Transmission Requirements Not Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
ClosedG. Apportioning COI DTC among COI Owners
ClosedH. Allocating COI DTC on BPA’s System
ClosedI. Scheduling Procedures for Dynamic Transfers using BPA’s Share of COI
ClosedJ. Limitations on Dynamic Transfer
ClosedK. Dynamic Transfer Ramp Rate
ClosedL. Load & Resource One-Day Forecast Requirements
ClosedM. Additional Information
ClosedN. Appendix A