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Dynamic Transfer Operating and Scheduling Requirements, Version 5

Effective: 10/06/2015

Version 5 of this Business Practice changes COI DTC limits from 200 MW during heavy load hours and 550 MW during light load hours to 400 MW during all hours. Subsequent studies or changes in COI operating conditions may result in further changes to the new limit.

ClosedA. Introduction
ClosedB. Eligibility Criteria
ClosedC. Telemetering
ClosedD. E-Tagging Dynamic Transfers
ClosedE. Transmission Requirements Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
ClosedF. Transmission Requirements Not Using Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) Capacity
ClosedG. Apportioning COI DTC among COI Owners
ClosedH. Allocating COI DTC on BPA’s System
ClosedI. Scheduling Procedures for Dynamic Transfers using BPA’s Share of COI
ClosedJ. Limitations on Dynamic Transfer
ClosedK. Dynamic Transfer Ramp Rate
ClosedL. Load & Resource One-Day Forecast Requirements
ClosedM. Additional Information
ClosedN. Appendix A