Near Real-Time Charts

The charts below are updated every 5 minutes to provide a 7-day lookback of load

Miscellaneous Information

BPA's reliability coordinator, Peak Reliability, has adopted a new methodology for calculating System Operating Limits (SOL) within WECC's Western Interconnection. The new methodology considers facility ratings and changes in topology configuration that can no longer be expressed in a single data point. As a consequence, effective April 1, 2017, SOLs will no longer be published in charts and data tables. Click for FAQ. Please visit if you have questions about the new SOL methodology.

Note: BPA monitors system conditions and provides mitigation as needed per appropriate reliability issues and NERC standards.

Rolling 30 Days and Monthly History

Rolling 30 Days and Monthly History for Interties and Flowgates.       
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Path Rolling 30 DaysPath GroupHistory
BC IntertieNorth Intertie/Puget Sound
Columbia InjectionBPA Internal
Idaho-Pacific NWCOI/DC/RATS
John Day WindBPA Internal
Midpoint-Summer LakeCOI/DC/RATS
Montana-Pacific NWBPA Internal
North of Echo LakeNorth Intertie/Puget Sound
North of HanfordBPA Internal
North of John DayCOI/DC/RATS
PACE Path 20 (Path C)External to BPA
Paul-AllstonBPA Internal
Raver-PaulBPA Internal
Rock Creek WindBPA Internal
South of AllstonBPA Internal
South of BoundaryBPA Internal
South of CusterNorth Intertie/Puget Sound
TOT.2 (NE/SE) PathExternal to BPA
Total Westside Load and North of John DayCOI/DC/RATS
Wanapum InjectionBPA Internal
West of Borah PathExternal to BPA
West of Cascades NorthBPA Internal
West of Cascades SouthBPA Internal
West of HatwaiBPA Internal
West of John DayBPA Internal
West of Lower MonumentalBPA Internal
West Of McNaryBPA Internal
West of SlattBPA Internal