BPA Balancing Authority Load and Total Wind, Hydro, Fossil/Biomass, and Nuclear Generation, Near-Real-Time

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Balancing Authority Load and Total Wind Generation Chart, Last 7 days

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You will see that the total generation is always greater than the total BPA load because most of the time BPA is a net exporter of energy. The BPA Load does not include scheduled energy to other balancing authority areas.

The plants that make up the total fossil/biomass generation are:

Boardman (10%) James River Wauna Roosevelt Landfill
Coffin Butte JC Biomethane Seneca Sawmill
Columbia Ridge Landfill Klamath CoGen+Peaker Sierra Pacific Sawmill
Cosmopolis Specialty Fibers Longview Fibre Tacoma Biomass
Finley Butte Nippon Biomass Univ of Oregon Cogen
Frederickson (50.15%) Olympic View Weyco (BPA Share)
Georgia Pacific Mill Oregon Street Weyerhaeuser Longview
Grays Harbor Energy River Road Generation
Hampton Lumber Mill Riverbend Landfill

The plants that make up the total hydro generation are:

Albeni Falls Grand Coulee Lower Monumental
Big Cliff Green Peter McNary
Big Fork Generation Green Springs McNary Fishway
Bonneville Hills Creek Middle Fork
Carmen Hungry Horse Packwood
Chandler Ice Harbor Roza
Chief Joseph Jackson Smith Creek
Cougar John Day The Dalles
Cowlitz Falls Lake Creek The Dalles Fishway
Detroit Leaburg Trailbridge
Dexter Libby Walterville
Dworshak Little Goose Yakima Drop Plant
Dworshak Clearwater Hatchery Lookout Point Youngs Creek Hydro
Esquatzel Canal Lost Creek
Foster Lower Granite

The plants that make up the total nuclear generation are:

Columbia Generating Station

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